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In Search of the Light

Feature documentary in development

Two friends set out on a journey into the Colombian jungle to make a film and search for some spiritual meaning to their lives, eventually finding each other.

This film also happens to be our story...


Feature documentary in development

Feliza Fleischer, a young American woman, believing to be the reincarnation of her grandmother, Feliza Bursztyn, arrives in Bogota to seek out her ghost. With the help of a hypnotist she will journey into her subconscious to relive the most important moments from her grandmother's life. Feliza Burtsztyn, was a Colombian sculptress, a feminist renowned for her controversial and political artworks made from scrap metal. She was exiled from Colombia in 1982, accused of being a communist and died shortly after in Paris, leaving behind a staggering legacy of work which has been kept from the public eye for decades.

Sufi, Saint & Swinger

Feature documentary completed 2019


A tragic story of one man’s unique musical talent affected and conditioned by the culture, politics and expectations of American society from the 1950s and its tumultuous relationship with Iran. Music virtuoso Dr. Lloyd Miller’s life seems stranger than fiction. And adding to the strangeness is the archive film reel from a distant Iran in the 1970s, a country where he finally found acceptance and love. The film gives one last chance for Miller and Kurosh Ali Khan to be heard and exist again. Produced by Openvizor and Bardo.

The tragic story of an American music virtuoso who found in 1970's Iran the love and acceptance he never received back home, and who was punished by his country upon his return after the Iranian revolution.


Bardo Films was created in 2016 by husband and wife team Andrés Borda and Camilla French. They met while studying at The London Film School and while Camilla worked for several years across Asia and the UK, fate finally brought them together in 2015, working on a documentary project in Colombia's Putumayo. Now based in Colombia, they focus on making documentary and fiction films, television series and web series. They recently completed their first feature length documentary Sufi, Saint & Swinger with UK production company Openvizor which premiered at Womex 2019 and recently screened at Indiebo.



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